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Questions Every Builder Should Ask Their Tile Contractor

1. Does my tile contractor install shower seats and curbs using mortar mix reinforced with wire lathe?

2. Does my tile contractor pre-slope PVC membrane underneath mud shower bases as recommended by The Tile Council of North America? (method B414, B415)

3. Does my tile contractor use Schluter-Ditra tile and stone underlayment as an uncoupling, anti-fracture, and waterproofing membrane under all floor tile?

4. Does my tile contractor use an elastomeric waterproofing membrane on all shower walls, seats, pans, and curbs?

5. Does my tile contractor evacuate weep holes, at the drain, underneath custom shower bases to further prevent water damage?

6. Does my tile contractor use mortar for wall tile installation or just mastic?

7. Does my tile contractor offer a lifetime warranty on installations?

8. Does my tile contractor practice installation methods that are outlined in the TCA handbook to ensure failsafe installations?

9. What procedure does my tile contactor use to reduce the effects of movement joints in concrete slabs receiving tile installations?

10. Does my tile contractor continually strive to educate himself about the industries’ newest practices and products? Is he CTEF Certified?

If you have answered no to any one of these questions, you are settling for less than you deserve as one of our area’s finest home builders!




What our customers are saying...

I wanted to write this letter to inform you of the actions of one of your representatives Tom Lorenz. Last night between 7-8pm in a freezing rain my car died on I 355 with my two month old and my three year old in the backseat. After sitting there for over a half hour with cars passing by, a truck passed by, backed up and a man walked towards my car to ask if things were ok. I told him my situation and he immediately offered to push my car off onto the shoulder. He then offered to look under the hood to see if he could help. After trying to jump start my car he suggested that I bring my children, hop in his truck and he would take us to buy a new battery. I was very concerned about going in a stranger’s car with my children so I declined the offer. He told me he would go get me a new battery and be back shortly. Soon thereafter a policeman pulled behind us and offered to radio for a tow truck. Thinking that was the last I would see of Tom I accepted the offer of the tow truck. Before the tow truck could arrive up pulls the Carefully Crafted Floors truck with Tom and a new battery. He installed the new battery right on the side of the road and my car started right up. I told him that I did not have enough cash on me to even reimburse him for the battery. He gave me his business card and said I could get it to him when I could. When I asked him if he always goes so far out of his way to help a perfect stranger he told me he was to be married this coming January and he would want someone to do the same for her. There are not enough people left like this and I think that he needs to be commended. Enclosed is the check for the battery. Please see that Tom gets it. Thank you very, very much!

Cindy W.
Bolingbrook, IL


Ten Reasons to Choose Carefully Crafted Floors
Know whats behind your tile instalation!

1. CCF uses a blend of Portland cement, and sand, reinforced with wire lathe, to build shower curbs and bench seats. This allows for a much more structurally sound and leak free installation.

2. CCF pre-slopes PVC membranes under shower bases. By doing this any moisture behind the tile is directed toward your drain. This practice guarantees our installations won’t leak preventing costly repairs later.

3. CCF includes Schluter- DITRA underlayment as a standard not an upgrade. DITRA underlayment is an uncoupling, anti fracture, and waterproofing membrane all in one. This is a huge benefit to you the customer as it costs three times as much as cement board at no additional cost to you.

4. CCF uses Ardex brand elastomeric waterproofing membrane in all shower installations. This extra step further guarantees our installations won’t leak.

5. CCF’s procedure ensures that weep holes in the drain stay unobstructed, allowing any moisture to drain from your shower even further guaranteeing a leak free installation.

6. CCF sets all wall tile with a latex modified mortar. Unlike mastic, which will deteriorate under moisture, mortar will retain its strength and flexibility throughout the life of your shower.

7. We offer you a lifetime warranty because of our three step waterproofing process and our tile and stone underlayment. Our extensive product knowledge and attention to detail give us confidence to offer this extended warranty.

8. All answers contained within are methods outlined in the TCA Handbook among other trade publications. We have learned much of these techniques through years of experience, and many hours of workshops and seminars.

9. CCF uses a crack isolation fabric as well as a crack isolation membrane over applications where concrete is to receive tile. This also prevents efflorescence (staining of grout or natural stone due to alkaline that exist within the concrete) from damaging the installation and the product.

10. CCF understands the importance of combining the latest products and techniques with the time tested techniques of past generations.