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How do I care for my new hardwood floor?

A few moments of care and a little common sense can go a long way in keeping your new floors looking their best. Here are a few suggestions to make floor care easier;

•Sweep or Vacuum your floor as often as required to loosen dirt or grit before it can scratch the surface of your floor.

•Wipe up spills as soon as possible before they dry and remove dried spills with a soft cloth or non-abrasive pad.

•Put outside doormats at entrances to keep dirt and moisture from being tracked onto your flooring. Do not use rubber, foam-backed, or plastic mats on hardwood as they may alter the finish. To prevent slippage, use an approved vinyl rug underlay from a reputable manufacturer.

•Always use floor protectors on the feet of furniture to avoid scratches and use a blanket or a scrap of carpet (face down) when moving heavy furniture or objects. Barrel type caster wheels or wide flat glides are best on your furniture for protecting Hardwood floors.

•Never use cleaners that must be mixed with water, such as vinegar or Murphy’s oil soap on hardwood. Use only products that are formulated especially for hardwood floors such as Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner or Bona Hard Surface floor cleaner.

•Oil based urethane hardwood finishes require little maintenance, so it is not necessary to wax or polish the floor. This is also true for laminate and tile flooring. Removal of surface soil from these finishes can be done with a terry cloth material.

•High heeled shoes, especially those in poor condition, can cause denting and related damage to many hardwood floors due to the extremely high compressive force they generate.

How should I care for my new carpeting?

A regular maintenance schedule and preventive measures are the best way to keep your new carpet looking great for years.

• Use walk off mats at all entrances and keep sidewalks and entryways clear of debris that can be tracked in from the outdoors.

• Use a high quality pad under your carpet to extend the life of your carpet.

• Use coasters intended for use with carpet under the legs of tables, chairs and other furniture to distribute weight and prevent crushing the pile.

• If you have area rugs over your carpet, clean them regularly and make sure they are fully dry before putting them back over the carpet.

• Use blinds, shades, or awnings to protect your carpet from sun damage.

• The MOST IMPORTANT step in caring for your carpet is VACUUMING. Vacuum frequently. Frequent vacuuming removes particles from the surface before they work down into the fibers and begin to attract dirt and eventually soil the carpet. Up to three passes of the machine will suffice for light soiling, but up to five to seven passes are necessary for heavily soiled areas.

• Clean spot and spills with a reputable carpet cleaning system such as Capture cleaner.

• Prompt attention to spills and spots is essential. Always blot, never rub.

What our customers are saying...

Thank you for all your help designing my kitchen floor. I just wanted tile but when I started looking I was overwhelmed with all the choices. With so many different types of tile, sizes and patterns, I just didn’t know how I would ever make a decision. I called Carefully Crafted Floors and we discussed my project over the phone. They came out and measured and he brought some samples to show me but suggested I see more selections in his mobile design showroom. WOW! It made it so simple. He helped me choose the type of tile that went best with my style and I’ll admit what is also popular today. We brought it into my kitchen so I could see it next to my cabinets and countertop. Then he suggested tile sizes and pattern options, one that I could use in my table area. I never would have thought of that and it really adds a custom, high-end look to my kitchen. Carefully Crafted Floors was so easy to work with, thank you, thank you, for being so much more than just installers. Until our next project, -Lynn – Mokena, IL